Growing and Caring Orchid Flowers

Posted on May 23, 2015 in Gardening Home Furnishings

Growing orchids in your garden will surely make your garden looks beautiful and exotic. Many homeowners think that caring and growing these flowers is not easy. They usually only use them as an alternative to cut flowers due to their long lasting blooms. Once the beauty of these flowers fades, they throw them away. Actually, this flower species can produce striking flowers continuously if you know how to care them.

pink orchid

Orchid gardening
It is true that planting orchids and keeping them alive can be difficult. However, certain varieties are easier to grow. Some of them are phalaenopsis or moth orchid, zygopetalum, and paphiopedilum or slipper orchid. Moth orchid is very popular among beginners. It can bloom twice a year or more. This orchid loves warm humid summers and dry mild winters. Zygopetalum orchid has beautiful blooms and strong fragrance. Both of these orchid varieties do not need like damp conditions. Hang them over the pot so that the water will drain away quicker. Slipper orchid has blooms that look like slippers. It loves damp conditions. Allow these orchids to dry out between watering in winter. Orchids do not like direct sunlight. Placing them at your patio or hanging them under the tree is more recommended. If you want to place them indoor, place them at east- or south-facing windows. Make sure that there is a tree or others to keep these flower plants away from direct sunlight.

Preparing the medium
Unlike other flowers, orchid does not need to be potted in soil. Its roots need more air. Therefore, you avoid buying garden mix for your orchids. Different orchids require different mediums. Some of the mediums that can be used to plant orchids are fir bark, peat moss, coconut husks, perlite, and charcoal. Slipper orchids and other varieties with small roots love more moisture than others. They need to have potting mix that will not let the water drain quickly. A mix of 4 parts of fine grain coco husk or fine fir bark, 1 part of fine grain charcoal and 1 part perlite are perfect for them. Moth orchids, zygopetalum, and others which prefer more air and less moisture need looser medium. A mix of 4 parts of medium grain coco husk or fir bark, 1 part medium grain charcoal, and 1 part perlite is more suitable for them. All orchid varieties do not like too much moisture. They can survive drought very well. Watering these garden flowers once a week is enough.

Choosing Beautiful Curtains and Blinds

Posted on May 17, 2015 in Furniture Home Furnishings

People can make sure that there are various elements of home decoration which will be useful for improving the beauty of their home. There is no doubt that people will not forget about window treatment although they think that they have window which is pretty beautiful. In fact, window treatment is still important for supporting the beauty of the home interior decoration. At the same time, it will also be useful for controlling the view as well sunlight access into the house. That is why people should choose the blinds which are not only beautiful but also useful for helping them control the sunlight.

living room & curtain

There are various kinds of blind styles which can be found and people can choose the blind according to their need. People will be able to find the blind with roman style which is able to be bonded with the fabric of sunscreen so it can be more durable. People will also be able to find the blind with roller style. This blind style is the most popular and at the same time is the most affordable style of blind which is offered in various textures, transparencies, and of course textures. People can also choose the blind from other styles including venetian, pleated, as well as panel blind. The choice of the blind should be considered carefully especially if they want to combine it with curtains.

There are various options of curtain which people can choose from the heavy drapes to the soft sheers. It can be used for framing the window, layering the room, or just adding warmth, texture, and movement into the space. That is why fabric selection is super important when people choose the curtain as well as the blind. They should choose the fabric with correct pattern, texture, and of course durability because the curtains or blinds will be exposed with the sunlight often.


LED Lighting for Home Decoration

Posted on May 8, 2015 in Home Furnishings Home Lighting Outdoor Decorating

Lighting for home of course is very essential not only because it will be useful for helping people doing their daily activities when the sun is set. Lighting can have more function in home decoration after all. People can build the mood as well as attractive point in the house by applying the right lighting. Various kinds of lighting can be found nowadays including LED lighting. Maybe people recognize this type of lighting more for vehicles as well as exterior lighting. However, they do not think that it can be used for home interior decoration as well.

decorative led lights

There are various ideas which people can apply for creating appealing home interior decoration using the LED. In fact, it can be applied to every room in the house. There are some advantages which people can find by using the LED lamp decor in their home interior. It surely will be great option for home interior decoration because it is offered with various kinds of color. People can also make the changing or pulsing color by fitting the LED control gear. People will also find that this type of lighting will have longer lifetime than the regular lighting option so it will be a great option to be applied in the place which is hard to reach in the house.

It is not the only great advantage which people can find if they apply LED for their home decor. The most important thing is that people will be able to save money since the lighting usually requires less electricity for running.


Wicker Bed Maintenance Ideas

Posted on April 27, 2015 in Furniture Home Furnishings Outdoor Decorating

Having a wicker bed at home, especially when you place it in the patio, terrace, or deck can be the most relaxing spot at home. Indeed you have to take care of your wicker furniture well so it will always look perfect and comfortable to use. There are several things you have to pay attention on several tips.

First, regular cleaning. Dusty wicker furniture will look dull and dirty, so you have to clean the dust everyday either with a vacuum cleaner or dust brush. Besides, leaving wicker material dusty for too long will affect its quality. Second you have to have a total cleaning once in a while to remove any trapped dust or most trapped hair or other dirt. To removed the trapped dirt you can brush it with an old brush and water in which you put a little detergent. And you can wash it with soft clothes with a little water in which you put very little detergent. The last step wash this outdoor furniture with your garden hose softly.

Leave it outside until it gets dry, but you should never dry it under the sun light. You also have to dry it with another dry clothes to make it dry faster. After it is dry, you can use the dry clothes to apply some wood oil to protect your outdoor decorating bed.