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How to Plant Carnation Flowers

Posted on September 15, 2015 in Gardening Outdoor Decorating

Carnation flowers or Dianthus Caryophyllus is a type of short perennial flowers that have enduring colors, textures and fragrance. That is why many people love this flower since a long time ago. The beautiful color and showy appearance make the flowers perfect to become bouquets and decorative flowers. When you plan planting carnations, it will be perfect to do it spring because it is perfecting bloom in the mid of spring until fall season. In the blooming time, carnations grow plentiful blossoms in pretty color shades such as red, pink, and white. The appeal is not that all, the sweet fragrance makes people love the flowers more.


Carnation flowers originally come from Europe and Asia. However, the grassy plants can grow well in any temperature areas including in United States. Even the flowers doesn’t need difficult process of planting, you should give continuing care to the flowers so that they can grow perfectly in every kind of gardens. The right condition of growing will make you success in planting carnations; they will grow with productive blooming, always in good health, and look tidy.

Climate Factors to Grow Carnations
The hardiness zones of carnation flowers in U.S. Agriculture Department are 7a – 10b. The flowers could grow well in the zone and each of the variety of the carnations may need different hardiness. For example, the Vienna Mischung Carnation variety will grow perfectly in the 6-9 hardiness zones. Meanwhile, the more cold tolerant type like Grenadin Pink can grow well in the hardiness zones of 4-9. Planting carnations could be done well in outdoor gardens. Yet, it can also grow well indoor inside a container with good care and fertilizing. If necessary, put the planting container facing a south window to get fresh air and sunlight.

Best Media for Planting Carnations
The best media for planting carnations is the fast draining soil that gets full sunlight. That is why the south facing area is good to grow the flowers and also don’t forget to prepare the alkaline soil in neutral to mildly content. If you only have a media with heavy soil such as badly impacted or clay soil, you should change the soil texture by mixing compost in 2-4 inch with 12-15 inch of soil. The mixing will improve the drainage capability of the soil since the flower could have serious root problem in the inactive drainage especially in winter.

To plant carnation flowers outdoor, you should pay attention to the planting range based on the mature spread. Make sure the range is about 6-18 inch between each plant and different cultivar needs different range. To grow the carnations in the containers, you need to prepare large clay container where you can put much more sterile soil with reasonable fertilizing so that the roots can grow well and healthier.

The Needs of Water
Every plant of carnation flowers needs different sums of water depending on the growing condition. If there is no rain falls, you need to water the carnations once a week as much as 1 inch so that the water can wet 12 inches of outdoor planting soil. When it is planted in the garden, carnations need soil consistent moisture. However, it is also need plenty watering that dries out well underneath the surface for rot crown prevention or any other root problems for excessive watering. To keep the moisture of the soil, you can spread mulch on the base in about 2 inches of layer. Yet, don’t let the stems touch the mulch. Meanwhile, you don’t need frequent watering when planting carnations in containers. You just need to water them deeply when the soil has been dried out. Don’t forget to saturate the soil in order to drain the excess water.

Do Carnations Need Fertilizers?
Actually carnation doesn’t need much fertilizer as the supplement to grow well on the garden. It is because carnation is a light feeder plant. However, different need comes from the carnations on containers. You need to feed fertilizer to the potted carnations in every two weeks so that the soil refilled and the plants grow well. Just dissolve half a tablespoon balanced fertilizer to one gallon water, use the mixing to water the carnation flowers in every two weeks. Yet, you should give resting time for the plant from fertilizers in summer.

If you plant carnations in the garden, you don’t need chemical fertilizer. Apply compost lightly instead of the fertilizer. In spring, you can spread the compost on the base of the carnation as much as 1 inch. Then, cover the compost with mulch in 2 inches of layer.

It is just an easy way to plant carnations if you know the tricks to make it grow well. Learn it well and start planting carnations.

Fresh Looks with Porch Remodeling

Posted on September 1, 2015 in Furniture Home Furnishings Outdoor Decorating

Your home porch is areas become the home interiors extensions that enhance your home. Therefore, porch remodeling are best projects that are able to enhance your porch look. Since porch are more attached in home rather than build a patio or deck in home, the proper planning and design is more important to get inspiration for best porch for your porch remodeling. Therefore, you need to consider on what space kind that you look forward, where best location to place it, and consider for the outdoor furniture that suit and add worth in your porch. Porch is sure of simplicity and relax place, therefore, you need to reflect it in your decor and furnishing. The first consideration when you look for your porch remodeling is consider for what type of porch that you need to add in your home. Chose porch design plans that suit with your budget, area space and overall look that suit with your taste and style. The integrated porch roofline is the expensive look remodel for you who have more budgets, the wraparound porch is taking up your yard space and need change for some areas in your house, and meanwhile the sunroom out back porch is tedious less. Add the front stoop is great idea in improve your appealing from front door curb and it less from expensive too. Next consideration is how you decorate your porch. As it outdoor place where your guest step on your home and welcome in, you should make it in well decoration since it will be your home first impression from outside.

back porch

There are no general rules for decorate your porch. It is completely depend on your taste and lifestyle. You can create the afternoon snap spot with add hammock, day bed, swing bed, or just decor with rocking chairs in your porch. Use several hanging decoration on our walls, pot plants, pillows sofa, and get rugs for adding more colors in your porch. You can transform your sunroom into other living space area with adding patio furniture in your porch. In order to maintain your porch decor and furniture is still in good looking, you need to bring inside the sensitive furniture items when the weather getting worsen. The other options, you are able to choose more versatile weatherproof furniture items for your porch. Here are several ideas of porch remodeling that you can get for your next porch inspiration. The first inspiration is the classical porch with white Greek style. It has curved pillars with the wrath hanging in the wall decoration. Add relax with swing bed in the corner and use coffee table to welcome your guest. Next is Spanish porch that combines traditional architectural with influences from European and Native American. The arcade porch with arches is common features for this porch types. The stucco walls with the flat surfaces emulate into the adobe construction. Next inspiration is craftsman style porch. This is porch that inspired from early style from 19th British with American movement with thick porches, square or round columns and brick piers or stones.

There are keys for your porch design inevitable from your porch, the railings and stairs. The safety is the key for your railing and stairs. Ensure that you set it within around 36 inches high for railing and you should consider for open rail space system for vertical pillars. Choose the right porch ceiling and roof that suit with your porch based on the color, height, and ceiling texture. Get traditional look porch with painted or stained bead boards ceiling. You need well-built porch roofs that can protect you enough from the elements. If you consider have ceiling fan in your porch, ensure you have consideration in your height ceiling. The material of plexiglass and glass panel give you weather protection and optimum light natural resources. Make sure the material you choose, type and size prepped properly in avoiding water to seeping or incursion from ice. Next, for your porch wall decoration, upgrade with tone and texture that will add your wall porch look decorated well and enhance the look. Use the color combination that makes your porch look contrast and create strong statement from door and front porch painting.


Outdoor and Garden Accessories for a House

Posted on September 29, 2015 in Gardening Outdoor Decorating

Sometimes, people find it difficult when it comes for looking furnishing needs for parks and outdoor decoration. The variety of lawn and garden accessories with a unique form and function are often much sought after but many consumers don’t know where to get the equipment. For example: taps for gardens, mailboxes, door knockers, and much more. All equipment and knick-knacks of this kind can be found on the internet. Home decor shops online provide all the home and garden decor required by homeowners.

Range of products offered include whitehall mailboxes, outdoor faucet, address plaque, birds bath, door knockers, garden hose holders and others. In addition, there are also custom personalized address plaques are very interesting. Use a trustworthy company that provides a great convenience in transaction and security in shopping activities. Besides, with a wide selection of products offered by a variety of unique and qualified products, reliable online stores always strive to create an atmosphere where shopping residential mailboxes becomes a very pleasant and interesting experience. By visiting the right place, you can find a wide range of products and pricing. All knowledge of product and supply is known in detail by consumers on the website.

You need to visit a web directory and then find authorized dealers for all products you want to buy. Products sold should be products with high quality manufacturing. In addition to a quality custom personalized address plaques product, you should also consider excellent service quality with customer satisfaction guarantee. Don’t forget to find rain chain, well, it is very annoying the rainy season comes and ruins your house because the water is all over the place especially in the balcony. This is why; you really need the rain chain to make it fall in the right place and it will not spill you your balcony floor so that it will not make it wet. There are so many stores you can visit to get the best chain rain to make your home safe from water. You also can find them online if you think that it is simpler.


Where to Buy Industrial Equipment

Posted on September 4, 2015 in Appliances & Tools

As an operator of a construction business, you surely have understood the importance of having reliable tools and equipment. If your tools and equipment are reliable, you will likely be able to accomplish your project more easily. As a result, you can finish the project on time. Based on this fact, you need to make sure that all tools that you buy have good quality. It has become a clear fact that top quality products have an excellent performance and a long life span. If you use such tools in your business, you will not only be able to deliver good results on time but also be able to save money in the long run.

To get lever chain hoists and other industrial equipment that have top quality, you must be selective in choosing your supplier. In this case, you must choose a good supplier. To determine whether a supplier is good, you must check how long they have been in business. A supplier that has been in business for years certainly has lots of experiences as they have dealt with lots of customers. This supplier is worth to choose because they have known the ins and outs of the business and customer behavior. Whatever specific condition you have, a fully experienced supplier knows how to perfectly meet your condition.

Then, you need to check product selection. A good supplier has a huge product selection as one of their efforts to make customers satisfied. It is true that when there are lots of options to choose, you will have a better chance to be able to find your desired product. Lastly, you should check the price as a good supplier gives the best price for their high quality products. You must avoid a supplier that gives low deals but compromises their product quality. Therefore, before buying industrial equipment, you must check supplier’s quality.