Things You Should Consider When Planting Irises

Posted on November 9, 2015 in Gardening Outdoor Decorating


Flower might be one of the most preferred plants that are grown by people on their garden. There are various types of flowers that you could choose to grow on your own garden. One of them is irises. Irises are considered as perennial plants. This type of flower is easy to grow. Other characteristic of this flower is that it could attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Irises are also a perfect choice for cut flower as well. When you want to grow irises on your garden, there are several important details that you should know about planting irises so that you could get the best results. Basically, there are at least 300 species of Iris that are known these days. The most popular one is irises with at least 28 inches tall which is known as bearded irises. The flower of this plant has 3 large sized outer petals which are known as “falls”. The flower of this plant also has 3 inner upright petals which are known as “standards”. Most irises will bloom their flowers in early summer.


There are several important things that you should notice about planting irises if you want to get the best results when grow this flower on your garden. The details are listed below:

• You should grow your irises on well-drained soil. This plant also need at least half a day of sunlight as well. If the plant doesn’t get enough sun, it won’t bloom.

• The soil where you will grow irises should be fertile. The pH of the soil should range between neutral to slightly acidic. If the soil is too acidic, you could neutralize it by using lime. You also need to avoid summer watering since it might lead to rot.

• When you grow bearded irises, you need to make sure that other plants don’t shade the bearded irises. If it’s necessary, you could grow the bearded irises on special bed.

• Soil drainage is also considered as an important part of planting irises since soil with bad drainage might lead to bad growth.

• The perfect time to plant irises is in middle to late summer.

• Bearded irises have fleshy roots (rhizomes) that should be exposes partially. You also could cover the rhizomes with thin layer of soil during hot climates.

• When you want to plant the irises, make a shallow hole on the ground with 10 inches diameter and 4 inches deep. Make ridge of soil in the middle of the hole and place the fleshy roots on the ridge. Spread the roots down on the both sides. After that, fill the hole using soil and firm the soil gently.

• Water the plant thoroughly.

• When planting irises, top-dress the soil using low nitrogen fertilizer. Apply the fertilizer again in early spring.


Besides planting, you also need to pay attention to caring as well so that the iris flowers could bloom beautifully. Here are several important details that you should notice when caring for irises:

• You should avoid using high nitrogen fertilizer to the soil. You also need to avoid mulching the plants using organic matter carelessly as well. These actions might lead to the rotting of rhizomes.

• You need to keep rhizomes exposed as well. The rhizomes need sunlight and air so that they keep dry. If you cover the rhizomes with soil or the rhizomes are crowded by other plants, the rhizomes will rot.

• You should avoid trimming irises leaves. Leaves are good for irises growth. You only need to cut the brown tips and flowering that stalk down to rhizomes in order to discourage rot.

• If the heavy frost hit the iris foliage, you should remove it to eliminate borer eggs.

To get beautiful iris flowers when growing this plant, you also need to pay attention to the pests and diseases that might harm your plant as well. Even though irises are considered as the type of plant that is drought tolerant and deer resistant, this plant is still susceptible to borers. It’s very important for you to check the rhizomes yearly for any holes. Other types of pests that might be problems are including iris weevil, slugs, snails, aphids, whiteflies, bud moth, and nematodes. With good pest control, you might be able to grow irises on your garden and get the best results.

Fresh Looks with Porch Remodeling

Posted on September 1, 2015 in Furniture Home Furnishings Outdoor Decorating

Your home porch is areas become the home interiors extensions that enhance your home. Therefore, porch remodeling are best projects that are able to enhance your porch look. Since porch are more attached in home rather than build a patio or deck in home, the proper planning and design is more important to get inspiration for best porch for your porch remodeling. Therefore, you need to consider on what space kind that you look forward, where best location to place it, and consider for the outdoor furniture that suit and add worth in your porch. Porch is sure of simplicity and relax place, therefore, you need to reflect it in your decor and furnishing. The first consideration when you look for your porch remodeling is consider for what type of porch that you need to add in your home. Chose porch design plans that suit with your budget, area space and overall look that suit with your taste and style. The integrated porch roofline is the expensive look remodel for you who have more budgets, the wraparound porch is taking up your yard space and need change for some areas in your house, and meanwhile the sunroom out back porch is tedious less. Add the front stoop is great idea in improve your appealing from front door curb and it less from expensive too. Next consideration is how you decorate your porch. As it outdoor place where your guest step on your home and welcome in, you should make it in well decoration since it will be your home first impression from outside.

back porch

There are no general rules for decorate your porch. It is completely depend on your taste and lifestyle. You can create the afternoon snap spot with add hammock, day bed, swing bed, or just decor with rocking chairs in your porch. Use several hanging decoration on our walls, pot plants, pillows sofa, and get rugs for adding more colors in your porch. You can transform your sunroom into other living space area with adding patio furniture in your porch. In order to maintain your porch decor and furniture is still in good looking, you need to bring inside the sensitive furniture items when the weather getting worsen. The other options, you are able to choose more versatile weatherproof furniture items for your porch. Here are several ideas of porch remodeling that you can get for your next porch inspiration. The first inspiration is the classical porch with white Greek style. It has curved pillars with the wrath hanging in the wall decoration. Add relax with swing bed in the corner and use coffee table to welcome your guest. Next is Spanish porch that combines traditional architectural with influences from European and Native American. The arcade porch with arches is common features for this porch types. The stucco walls with the flat surfaces emulate into the adobe construction. Next inspiration is craftsman style porch. This is porch that inspired from early style from 19th British with American movement with thick porches, square or round columns and brick piers or stones.

There are keys for your porch design inevitable from your porch, the railings and stairs. The safety is the key for your railing and stairs. Ensure that you set it within around 36 inches high for railing and you should consider for open rail space system for vertical pillars. Choose the right porch ceiling and roof that suit with your porch based on the color, height, and ceiling texture. Get traditional look porch with painted or stained bead boards ceiling. You need well-built porch roofs that can protect you enough from the elements. If you consider have ceiling fan in your porch, ensure you have consideration in your height ceiling. The material of plexiglass and glass panel give you weather protection and optimum light natural resources. Make sure the material you choose, type and size prepped properly in avoiding water to seeping or incursion from ice. Next, for your porch wall decoration, upgrade with tone and texture that will add your wall porch look decorated well and enhance the look. Use the color combination that makes your porch look contrast and create strong statement from door and front porch painting.


Right Choice of Towel Rails for a Well Organized Bathroom

Posted on November 25, 2015 in Bathroom Remodeling

A bathroom is supposed to be the area in a home which is also well designed and also decorated as like another room in the home. Designing and decorating the bathroom properly will result not only a good looking bathroom but also a comfy bathroom which accommodate us on doing various activities. We could not forget about the condition of the room when we are decorating home interior. When it is a type of a bathroom with limited space, we need to be creative on managing everything there much better. That is including on having anything there well organized.

That is including on managing and organizing the stuff there. The proper choice of the towel rails can also be something essential as well. We need to find the rails which can accommodate the towels to be well hanged and also organized properly without taking much space in the bathroom. There will be various choices of the towel rails which we can find at store. For saving much of the space, perhaps the swiveling ones will be a good idea. That is much more flexible and also that can accommodate more towels at the same time. Still, you can hunt other types of the towel rails which are completely that suitable to your need. That will be such a good idea for you since you can simply pick the rails that suit your own taste and bathroom’s condition as well.

The bathroom rails for the towels are the bathroom appliance which sounds so trivia but it plays an essential role. That will help your bathroom to look well organized and also managed. When you are going to hunting such the rail, it is a good idea for considering not only about its design but also about its materials. Since it is going to be placed in the bathroom which is often exposed by the water and damp, the stainless material might be a good idea to choose.


How to Save Big on Your Heating Bill This Winter

Posted on November 24, 2015 in Appliances & Tools

If you live in a cold climate, that first snow will create some mixed feelings. It’s beautiful, of course, but it also portends the bitter (and expensive) winter months. Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank to keep your home heated, and you also don’t have to walk around your home with a blanket over your shoulders just to stay warm. Here are a few useful tips for saving money while still keeping your home warm and comfortable.

Programmable Thermostat

One of the easiest changes you can make is to get a programmable thermostat. This will allow you to set the temperature based on your actual time spent at home, so you can set it lower during the hours that you’re at work and warm it back up when you get home. Contact Applegate Home Comfort for information on installing a digital thermostat in your home.

Window Strips

Lay some window strips around the drafty windows to keep cold air out of your home. You can lose a ton of energy by letting warm air leak out of poorly-insulated windows, so window strips can be an easy way to save a lot of money. Also look into plugging up any cracks in your home with caulk, keeping you further insulated from the cold.


Welcome to Whirlpool Baths

Posted on November 23, 2015 in Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom is a right place for taking a rest and escaping from the stressful day you have in one day. Bathroom must be comfortable then, a place where you can see the things you like and the things that are able to put you in comfort. The choice of bathtub or bathing system is something important here if you want to create your bathroom to be a recreational space. Using whirlpool baths is one idea to make your dream come true.

The whirlpool bath will help you get the needs of hydro-therapy. In store, you will find different levels of air and also designs that meet your taste. You can even make the bathtub more personal by creating the feature you want, for instance you want your bathtub that gives you combination between hydro-therapy system and air bath system.

There are three types of bathtubs you can have in your house. The oval bathtub is the common one. If you have granite and tile floor, this bathtub will be great to install. Oval bathtub is suitable for curved walls or corner installation. The second whirlpool is the skirted bath which is great for shower and bath combination. The last one is corner bath which is suitable for those who have small bathrooms. If you purchase bathtub for therapy, you will be offered by various kinds of bathtub options. Each option will give you benefits from different features of therapy they have.

To have whirlpool baths, you can install it by yourself. The DIY bathtub installation step and directions is available in clear instructions, you can follow easily the steps. The great one is warranty. Some manufacturers will give you warranty of their products, for instance warranty for the cracking and surface fading, pumps and blowers, jet components and internal, and the electronics parts.


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