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Essentials Gardening Tools for Growing Garden

Posted on July 17, 2016 in Gardening

Having great home garden can be a great investment and also pride for every homeowner. There is no question that beautiful garden will be able to increase the look of their home. We can make sure that the flowers and trees arrangement will help people refresh anytime they see it.

gardening tools

The garden will also be a great place for enjoying outdoor activity. Not to forget, the garden of course can be the source of healthy vegetables. The gardening process itself can give relaxing effect.

Gardening will need proper tools which can be different according to the plants and there are some essential gardening tools which must be invested for growing the garden.

  • Hand Rake

The very first essential tool for gardening which must be found anytime people want to grow any plant is the hand rake. It is the tool which comes with little three prongs. Maybe some people will see it like a set of claws which is shiny. It is essential for gardening because it can be used for loosening as well as turning the soil.

There must be many options of hand rake which can be found but people should choose the hand rake with good material. The good choice includes aluminum as well as stainless steel because it is able to prevent the rust.

  • Trowel

The nest crucial tool for gardening which should be prepared is the trowel. It is kind of shovel which has small size and pointy end. It will be used for breaking up the dirt. It is also necessary for digging holes. When people are choosing for the trowel, they have to choose the one with one piece construction and sturdy build.

It is also necessary for having the hand rake with comfortable handle because it will be used for digging a lot.

  • Shovel

Gardening will not be able to be done properly if people do not have shovel. Yes, shovel is super important gardening tools which people must have. Some people maybe have kind of question about the difference between shovel and space.

In fact, shovel comes with blades which are flatter and wider so it can be used for lifting as well as moving the heavy things including dirt and gravel. Meanwhile, spades come with the blades which are pointed and angled. That is why spade will be great for breaking up the dirt as well as digging.

  • Shears

Some people think that because they want to grow the plants, all that they have to do is just digging and digging. This can be the reason why they do not invest shears as part of the tool which must be prepared for gardening.

However, shears are very important tool which people must have because growing plants actually will need cutting a lot. The shears can be used to prune back the overgrowth, remove the dead flower, or edge the shrubs.

People can consider investing several pairs of shears for doing different cutting function. People also have to choose the shears which comes with quality and comfort because it will influence the enjoyment of gardening greatly.

  • Gloves

Last but not least, people must not underestimate the importance of gloves for their gardening tool. When people are doing their gardening activity, they will be familiar with dangerous things such as thorns, thistles, blisters, and also chemicals.

That is why people have to protect their hands by wearing the gloves. It means that glove becomes very important things which people should have if they are into gardening. Because there are various kinds of gloves type which can be found, they have to consider the specific need before they buy them.

Home Renovation: 3 Rules to Hire Contractors

Posted on June 30, 2016 in Home Construction

To hire renovation contractor, you need the rules to make sure the renovation will be done better. Here are three rules in hiring the contractor for your home renovation. This may help you in considering some things which can make the renovation faster and cheaper.

renovation work

1. Prepare Your Cash

Nowadays, people think that cash is better than credit. That’s why if you have money in cash for this home renovation, the contractors will be easier to talk about the price. They know right away that you will pay them faster because they don’t need to wait for you to get the loan.

What you need to do to hire renovation contractor is tell them that you have the cash and you want them to begin the renovation as soon as possible.

For small projects, you can install the payment right when the job is finished. For bigger projects, you should deposit your money into the account which can be accessed by the contractor when the projects are done.

For the high-end renovation, to hire renovation contractor, you can request the better quality materials or ask for extras freely. The contractors may agree to some upgrades which don’t cost such as oak cabinets turn into birch. In addition, you can ask not pay the extra charging for them to paint the entire interior and have faux finish in a room.

If your dining room has already wallpapered then you can ask your contractor to do the entrance hall without additional charge. For low-end projects, such as the fixtures or finishes you can think the cost for the materials and labor.

2. Build the Fair Competition but Firm

Before you hire renovation contractor and put the project for bid, explain the certain request, so they can get what exactly you want. For the appliances, you can choose the model numbers you like. Check the brand of the paint and its shades. Then measure the rooms exactly.

You can tell that you require the projects will be divided into phases with the bid for each. Clarify that you have already checked the price of the materials before you contractors buys the products for the projects. This makes you the flexibility to negotiate the elements and you can see clearly on the cost of materials and labor for each phase. Next, you can allow them to have price adjustment in the last time. If you feel disappointed with the contractor, you can renegotiate by calling back.

Make sure to have at least five bids. Recent contractors are flatter in bidding than years ago. The opportunity of getting the best one depends on what you consider. Don’t choose the one which offer the lowest one. They may have deceptive motive. To hire renovation contractor, you should be realistic. You have to understand on how many your projects will cost.

3. Be Nice

It’s right that you are in higher position than the contractors. However, use the chances to get better deal don’t underestimate it. Just imagine of course you want a good relationship as you will live in the house for long time than the contractors. If you have nasty argumentation over the price, the result of the renovation will be not maximal and the quality is not really good.

This is someone’s experience when she hire renovation contractor. She finished the home renovation for major projects. She realized that the projects will be the long relationship. She negotiated to push more on the earlier finishing rather than the price. Her strategy works well. When she had to change the microwave, the contractor came by and gave it freely. This is the example of the best deal. It doesn’t always mean having lowest price is the best deal.

Along with the friendly negotiation but still in terms of business, provide the range of the deal which gives more point in such line for all the project cost. Moreover, you should still respect them as you and the contractor will have the business for your good.

There is the trick when you find the contractor doesn’t agree or charge more than your offering. You can say to them that somebody else has better price but you still want to work with them. That’s the way to hire renovation contractor.


Planting Lavenders for Gardening Lovers

Posted on April 14, 2016 in Gardening

Planting lavenders is a good option. This is because lavenders have beautiful color. Moreover, it is also about its benefits for you especially your health. The most important is that lavender is easy to grow.


If it is your first time to plant lavenders, it will be great to learn the steps to plant it will. Hopefully, later you can see beautiful lavenders around your garden.

Managing your garden

What you have to do first is deciding the best location for the lavenders. It is better to plant lavenders around garden with hot or sunny weather. If it is not, it means you have to plant this flower in the location which has full sunlight.

For your information, lavenders need to get at least eight hours sunlight so they can grow maximal. Just be careful with wind and winter condition. It will be better to create shelter or mini glass house to protect the lavenders. If you want to make it looks natural, you can just plant the lavenders around big stones. It gives natural atmosphere as well as perfect protection for the lavenders.

Preparing the soil of the garden

Before planting lavenders, it is very important to make sure that the soil is ready to use. In this case, you should cultivate it first. The way to cultivate the soil is by mixture the soil with compost so you have good quality of soil. Good quality of soil makes the lavenders grow well and perfectly beautiful.

Planting lavenders in the garden

When the soil is ready, this is the time for you to plant the lavender. Before that, you should buy the lavender first. You don’t need to get confuse because there are several types of lavender you can find at the local flourish.

Just explain about the condition of your area as well as the garden and what kind of lavender you want to plant. It is not suggested for you to plant from the seed because it needs extra treatment. But if you think you can do the process, you may try to plant the lavender starts from the seed.

Tips to Plant Lavenders

There are several things to do to plant the lavenders. First, you have to dig a hole. Just dig the hole so it can be used to bury the root of the lavenders. It is also okay to plant this flower in pot or container but you have to make sure that you choose big size pot or container.

Second, if the root of the lavender is fit enough and ready to bury, you have to start to bury it right away. Before burying the root of the lavenders with soil, it is better to add small stones. The small stones are great for drainage. Then, you can cover the small stones with soil. Just make sure that the lavenders can stand perfectly and strongly.

Don’t forget to spread the fertilizer and water so it gives significant impact to the lavenders. By doing these two simple steps, you will have a small group of lavenders in your garden. A trick before planting lavenders is watering the root. It is good to watering the root an hour before planting it on the soil.

It is also necessary for you to prune some of the lavenders. This activity will make the stem has good air circulation. As the result, there will be new flowers grow and it creates beautiful with good aromatic sensation.

You also need to make sure that the root is clean from previous soil before planting it to the new location. This is the function why you have to give water. It is a simple trick but important to do so the lavenders can easily adapt with new condition of soil.

Next is the best way to bury the root of the lavender. The best way to bury the root is 91.4 cm or 36 inches and between each of lavenders. It is important to give right distance or size for the lavenders to get good air circulation.

When everything is ready, it means you just need to take care of the flowers. Just give fertilizer and watering the lavenders once or twice a day. In conclusion, planting lavenders is easy and fun especially if you get the result later.


Steps to Plant Rose Flowers in Pots

Posted on January 8, 2016 in Gardening

rose in pot

Planting rose flowers in pots can be interesting to do. At the same time, it seems impossible because pot is too small for rose and if you don’t have a large garden to plan this flower. The good news is that you can plan roses at home although you don’t have a large garden. Here, you can learn about planting roses in pots.

Preparing the pots

The first thing you need to do if you want to plan roses in a pot is deciding the size of the pot. For your information, there are 3 different pots to plan roses. Those are 12 inch or 30.5 cm pot, 15 inch or 38 cm pot, and 18 inch or 45.7 cm. So, which one of pot you have to choose? Actually, it depends on the type of rose you want to plan. If you want to plan miniature roses it means you can choose 12 inch pot. It seems planting hybrid tea roses are also a good option and you can plant it in 15 inch pot. Do you want to plan tree roses? If it is so, just prepare 18 inch pot. A bright color pot made of plastic is a good choice to keep your roses grows well.

Preparing the soil

Before planting rose flowers in pots, it is also important thing to prepare the right soil. In this project, you can use blend soil or known as generic soil. You don’t need to worry because you don’t have to make it by yourself. Just go to the local florist and buy generic soil there. It is good to choose this type of soil because roses love it. As the result, your roses will grow well and beautiful. It is okay if you want to create your own generic soil because it sounds challenging and fun to do. To create generic soil, you just need to mix around 40% top soil and 30% perlite and 30% screened compost.

Starting to plant the roses

When the pot and the generic soil are ready, this is the time for you to plan the rose flowers in pots. The first item you need to put in the pot is stones. It is important to make sure that the size of the stones is bigger than the hole in the pot. Stones are important so the flowers get good drainage especially because they are planting in a small area. When the stones are ready, this is the time for you to put the generic soil. What you need to consider is that it is not allowed for you to put too many generic soil in the pot because your flowers need some air. To give enough nutrients it is also good to mix the generic soil along with bonemeal. This product is full of nutrients so the flowers can grow maximally and beautifully. Finally, you can just put the rose into the soil. Just make sure to put the root in the right way so the flower can stand perfectly and comfortably. Later, the root will grow and it needs space to do it. One of the functions not to fill the pot with too much soil in the first time is because you have to cover the root of the flower with more soil. Just make sure that the root of the rose is covered by the soil perfectly. Then, you can give water and you are ready to take care of the flowers until they bloom beautiful roses.

Taking care of the flowers

There are several things you can do to take care of the rose. For example, you can spread fungus product to prevent disease which give bad impact to the roses. Moreover, you also need to place the pot in the full sun area. This is concerning to the fact that roses need to get sunlight up to 7 hours a day. Before that, you can just watering the flowers and do it in the morning daily. By doing such kind of treatment, it hopes that you can see beautiful roses in your favorite spots at home.

The most important thing is that finally you knew that you can plant rose flowers in pots. It is a solution for you who love gardening but don’t have garden at home. So, are you ready to start to plan rose in a pot?


Lawn Mowing Tips for a Healthy Lawn

Posted on August 2, 2016 in Outdoor Decorating

Actually mowing is so simple, but you will need these lawn mowing tips. By mowing correctly, you will get your lawn healthy and thick. However, if you mow incorrectly, your lawn should struggle to live.

  • Scalping Lawn

Try not to scalp grass. It means by cutting the grass too short. The lawn which is scalped is easy to get diseases and weed. The scalped grass usually is weak and thin and it makes the soil appears.

The weed success is appeared soil which allows the weed until the root. The lawn will get sunlight to reach weed seed and make them grow quicker. Grass which is cut too short will have poor root system.

  • Sharpen Mower Blade

Make sure your mower blade is sharp so you will get the best result from mowing. The sharp mower blade can cut the grass very clean. However, the dull mower blade will result the uneven grass. The uneven will ease the diseases and pests to come.

If you cut the lawn with the dull blade can make brown hue. This is the important lawn mowing tips. Sharpen the blades minimal few times along the mowing season. Don’t mow thick lawn and stones so your blades will not damage. You can consider to buy more mower blade so you will have sharp blade every time.

  • Adjusting Mower Height

Change the mower height along the growing season. For example, change the cutting deck in higher position for summer and make the grass growing longer.

Taller grass can help shade soil which avoids the growth of the weed. It also evaporates slowly from soil. When the autumn is almost over, you should lower the cutting deck for the last mowing. It will prevent the snow mold grow in the grass.

  • Shady Mowing

It always happens that the lawns grow in shady places. It is the benefit to higher mowing height. The longer grass blades, the greater will be the area to conduct the photosynthesis. It will be great benefit and lawn mowing tips in growing healthy lawn.

  • Mow When Grass Is Dry

Typically, people will mow when the grass is dry. If you mow the wet grass, it will harm the grass and the result will not too good. Wet grass will disturb the mower deck. You will be easily fall over when you mow. Moreover, your lawn will be cut unevenly.

Remove the wet lawns after mowing so you will not kill the grass. Don’t mow in soggy soil or you will break the wheel. You can make the grass damp if you to mow. Here you can read about pros and cons of artificial grass.

  • Mow in Shade

If you cut the plant, the plant will be stress. It goes the same with the grass. The mowing act can create huge stress to the grass. When you mow along the daylight and hot day, the grass will lose water and recover slowly. It is better for you to mow in a cold day. Or you can wait until there is shade on the lawn.

  • Roll Wheel on Edging

You can make the flat edging on the lawn near the walks, planting and driveways areas. If you are mowing, roll the wheel on the edge. You can use some materials for edging such as gravel, pavers, bricks or limestone.

  • Grasscycling

Grasscycling is the action when you make the grass clipping after cutting. You will save more time but also save your money. Grass clipping can improve 25% of your lawn’s fertilizer. You can save some fertilizer.

Well you need tools for mowing or landscaping, but you don’t need any specific mower, you just can put the mulching blade in your mower. For grasscycling as lawn mowing tips, the lawn will have minimal fuss and mess.



The Best Place to Find Columbus Vinyl Windows

Posted on July 25, 2016 in Home Furnishings

Finding Columbus vinyl windows is important if you are living in Columbus, Ohio, and you want your house to look better. The best place to get vinyl windows or any kind of window and also doors in this town is in this company. This company has been serving so many houses and gives them the best windows you can ever find in Columbus.

So, below are several reasons why you need to get the windows from the company.

  • Professional

With more than 25 years of experience in the world of windows and doors manufacturing, this company can surely bring you the best windows for your house. The staff are all professional and they can tell as soon as possible about what kind of window your house needs the most. The professionalism of the company is also shown by the wide variety of windows you can choose.

So, whatever model of windows you want from your house, this company can surely get you. With more than 25 years of experience, it is guaranteed that the windows from this company are going to last forever in your house. You can just go to the store and check the windows. They are all beautiful and in high quality.

  • Lifetime Warranty

If you purchase anything from this company, you will get lifetime warranty. Each and every product of window you can get from this company is going to be completed by lifetime warranty so that you do not have to worry about your windows get broken easily and you have to replace it with the new one.

Even if you have to replace it, the replacement windows will be free because of the lifetime warranty. So, if you want to get the real comfort in making your house looks good with beautiful windows, just use the windows from this company. It has numerous options of style for you and you can totally get more satisfied.

  • One Source Manufacturing

This company does not produce, install, and service the windows separately. Everything is done together in the same place so that everything can be more cohesive and the quality of the product can be watched more strictly.

This is why for anyone who lives in Columbus, Ohio and desire for a good quality Window, this company is your solution. This company is going to serve you the best windows for your house and you will be able to get a more beautiful house for sure.


How Can a Roofer in Hanover Help You?

Posted on July 20, 2016 in Home Construction

As the most important part of a building, roof must be properly installed and maintained. When constructing a new roof, make sure that you choose the right type of roof for it and that you perform regular maintenance to it. Roof installation and maintenance, no matter how difficult they are, can always be a DIY job; however, if you prefer having a professional take care of your roof, you should keep a roofer contact in your phonebook. There are many companies that provide specialized services in roofing Hanover MA. If you live in that town, you can call one if you need help in installing and maintaining your roof.

A roofing company can help you pick the right type of roof for your home and install it. Choosing the right roof for your home is considered important as Hanover has rainfall and snowfall rate that is higher than the average of US cities. While flat roof may still work if maintained properly, your roofer will mostly recommend you choose sloped roof of whatever type. By working with a roofer, you will also know the advantages and disadvantages of picking certain roof materials, which include asphalt, cedar and clay.

A professional roofer in Hanover can also help you perform necessary maintenance and repair to your roof. There are various signs that determine that your roof needs repairing. If there are water spots in your attic, dark spots on the roof, cracked or missing shingles, and moss growing on the roof, you will definitely need to repair your roof.

A roofer that you hire can help you fix the problem and restore your roof condition. You can also make appointment with the roofer so that you can have your roof regularly inspected. This way, you can always make sure that your roof is always in perfect condition.


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