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Planting Lavenders for Gardening Lovers

Posted on April 14, 2016 in Gardening

Planting lavenders is a good option. This is because lavenders have beautiful color. Moreover, it is also about its benefits for you especially your health. The most important is that lavender is easy to grow.


If it is your first time to plant lavenders, it will be great to learn the steps to plant it will. Hopefully, later you can see beautiful lavenders around your garden.

Managing your garden

What you have to do first is deciding the best location for the lavenders. It is better to plant lavenders around garden with hot or sunny weather. If it is not, it means you have to plant this flower in the location which has full sunlight.

For your information, lavenders need to get at least eight hours sunlight so they can grow maximal. Just be careful with wind and winter condition. It will be better to create shelter or mini glass house to protect the lavenders. If you want to make it looks natural, you can just plant the lavenders around big stones. It gives natural atmosphere as well as perfect protection for the lavenders.

Preparing the soil of the garden

Before planting lavenders, it is very important to make sure that the soil is ready to use. In this case, you should cultivate it first. The way to cultivate the soil is by mixture the soil with compost so you have good quality of soil. Good quality of soil makes the lavenders grow well and perfectly beautiful.

Planting lavenders in the garden

When the soil is ready, this is the time for you to plant the lavender. Before that, you should buy the lavender first. You don’t need to get confuse because there are several types of lavender you can find at the local flourish.

Just explain about the condition of your area as well as the garden and what kind of lavender you want to plant. It is not suggested for you to plant from the seed because it needs extra treatment. But if you think you can do the process, you may try to plant the lavender starts from the seed.

Tips to Plant Lavenders

There are several things to do to plant the lavenders. First, you have to dig a hole. Just dig the hole so it can be used to bury the root of the lavenders. It is also okay to plant this flower in pot or container but you have to make sure that you choose big size pot or container.

Second, if the root of the lavender is fit enough and ready to bury, you have to start to bury it right away. Before burying the root of the lavenders with soil, it is better to add small stones. The small stones are great for drainage. Then, you can cover the small stones with soil. Just make sure that the lavenders can stand perfectly and strongly.

Don’t forget to spread the fertilizer and water so it gives significant impact to the lavenders. By doing these two simple steps, you will have a small group of lavenders in your garden. A trick before planting lavenders is watering the root. It is good to watering the root an hour before planting it on the soil.

It is also necessary for you to prune some of the lavenders. This activity will make the stem has good air circulation. As the result, there will be new flowers grow and it creates beautiful with good aromatic sensation.

You also need to make sure that the root is clean from previous soil before planting it to the new location. This is the function why you have to give water. It is a simple trick but important to do so the lavenders can easily adapt with new condition of soil.

Next is the best way to bury the root of the lavender. The best way to bury the root is 91.4 cm or 36 inches and between each of lavenders. It is important to give right distance or size for the lavenders to get good air circulation.

When everything is ready, it means you just need to take care of the flowers. Just give fertilizer and watering the lavenders once or twice a day. In conclusion, planting lavenders is easy and fun especially if you get the result later.

Steps to Plant Rose Flowers in Pots

Posted on January 8, 2016 in Gardening

rose in pot

Planting rose flowers in pots can be interesting to do. At the same time, it seems impossible because pot is too small for rose and if you don’t have a large garden to plan this flower. The good news is that you can plan roses at home although you don’t have a large garden. Here, you can learn about planting roses in pots.

Preparing the pots

The first thing you need to do if you want to plan roses in a pot is deciding the size of the pot. For your information, there are 3 different pots to plan roses. Those are 12 inch or 30.5 cm pot, 15 inch or 38 cm pot, and 18 inch or 45.7 cm. So, which one of pot you have to choose? Actually, it depends on the type of rose you want to plan. If you want to plan miniature roses it means you can choose 12 inch pot. It seems planting hybrid tea roses are also a good option and you can plant it in 15 inch pot. Do you want to plan tree roses? If it is so, just prepare 18 inch pot. A bright color pot made of plastic is a good choice to keep your roses grows well.

Preparing the soil

Before planting rose flowers in pots, it is also important thing to prepare the right soil. In this project, you can use blend soil or known as generic soil. You don’t need to worry because you don’t have to make it by yourself. Just go to the local florist and buy generic soil there. It is good to choose this type of soil because roses love it. As the result, your roses will grow well and beautiful. It is okay if you want to create your own generic soil because it sounds challenging and fun to do. To create generic soil, you just need to mix around 40% top soil and 30% perlite and 30% screened compost.

Starting to plant the roses

When the pot and the generic soil are ready, this is the time for you to plan the rose flowers in pots. The first item you need to put in the pot is stones. It is important to make sure that the size of the stones is bigger than the hole in the pot. Stones are important so the flowers get good drainage especially because they are planting in a small area. When the stones are ready, this is the time for you to put the generic soil. What you need to consider is that it is not allowed for you to put too many generic soil in the pot because your flowers need some air. To give enough nutrients it is also good to mix the generic soil along with bonemeal. This product is full of nutrients so the flowers can grow maximally and beautifully. Finally, you can just put the rose into the soil. Just make sure to put the root in the right way so the flower can stand perfectly and comfortably. Later, the root will grow and it needs space to do it. One of the functions not to fill the pot with too much soil in the first time is because you have to cover the root of the flower with more soil. Just make sure that the root of the rose is covered by the soil perfectly. Then, you can give water and you are ready to take care of the flowers until they bloom beautiful roses.

Taking care of the flowers

There are several things you can do to take care of the rose. For example, you can spread fungus product to prevent disease which give bad impact to the roses. Moreover, you also need to place the pot in the full sun area. This is concerning to the fact that roses need to get sunlight up to 7 hours a day. Before that, you can just watering the flowers and do it in the morning daily. By doing such kind of treatment, it hopes that you can see beautiful roses in your favorite spots at home.

The most important thing is that finally you knew that you can plant rose flowers in pots. It is a solution for you who love gardening but don’t have garden at home. So, are you ready to start to plan rose in a pot?


Five Easy Tips on Buying Modern Bedroom Furniture

Posted on December 27, 2015 in Furniture

bedroom furniture

As a safe haven from the hustle and bustle of the world, bedroom should be comfortable and relieving all the time. It must always please its owner’s eyes and feeling by being both nice-looking and comfortable. This can only be achieved if the bedroom has all necessary furnishings that make it the best bedroom. The style of bedroom furniture always follows that of the bedroom. Modern bedroom furniture is thus the best choice for a bedroom with modern style and interior design. The following are some great tips to buy the right modern furniture for a modern bedroom.

1. Consider shopping for bedroom set

When shopping for bedroom furniture, buyers may decide to buy either individual furniture piece or a bedroom set consisting of all essential furniture of a bed. Buying a bedroom set can be a better option because all furniture pieces in the set have consistent style and design and because a bedroom set often comes with discount or other special offers.

2. List all furniture pieces that you want to buy

Whether you buy individual pieces or a bedroom set, it is recommended that you make a list of every modern bedroom furniture piece that you want to install on your bedroom. If you buy a bedroom set, the most basic set usually includes the bed and its frame, a chest or drawer, and a nightstand or two. More expensive sets may contain additional furniture pieces like armoire and vanity table. Pick the right set that is suitable for both your bedroom and available budget.

3. Mind the furniture size

Size is always an important matter when buying new furniture for your bedroom. If you choose furniture with the wrong size, it may not fit in your bedroom or it may make your bedroom look and feel cramped. When buying new furniture, be sure to carry a measurement tape and your bedroom’s floor plan so that you can determine exactly whether the furniture that you buy will fit in your bedroom.

The centerpiece of your bedroom is the bed. Therefore, you should prioritize the size of the bed first before anything else. Bed is available in several types according to its size, including California King-size, king-size, queen-size, full, and twin beds. Each has its own defined size, so you may be able to decide which bed to buy even before visiting the furniture shop.

4. Mind the furniture style

Your goal here is to buy modern bedroom furniture. Therefore, style should be a feature that you must take into consideration when buying the furniture. If your bedroom uses modern interior design, you should buy modern bedroom furniture that is marked by its minimalistic design. A modern bed, for instance, rarely uses intricate ornamental decoration and a large headboard typical of a traditional bed. Its design is mostly angular and it is usually painted with neutral colors, especially white or black.

Modern bedroom furniture might be made from wood, just like traditional bedroom furniture; however, other materials that are considered more lightweight and contemporary, such as fiberglass, plastic and acrylic, may also be used. Examples of modern bed include open-toe bed that doesn’t have a footboard and a platform or low bed that doesn’t have a lower box spring mattress.

5. Always make the bed as a reference

After choosing a bed, you will need to choose other furniture pieces that you want to have in your bedroom. When buying those pieces, be sure that you use the bed’s design as reference. Pick furniture pieces with design that matches the design of your bed. If you buy a bedroom set, you don’t need to do this because all pieces in the set have already had similar design. As the centerpiece of your bedroom, your bed has its own privilege to decide how all furniture pieces that accompany it are designed and styled.

Buying modern bedroom furniture is never too hard to do if you know how to make the right choice. All 5 tips listed above are meant to help you pick the right furniture for your modern bedroom. By considering both your bedroom’s design and the types of furniture that you want to have there, you should be able to buy the right modern bedroom furniture for your bedroom with no trouble.


The Role of Trees and Furniture for Outdoor

Posted on June 9, 2016 in Outdoor Decorating

Outdoor area is valuable space you can make the most out of it. You can go out to feel the breeze, see the greeneries to relax your eye balls after spending time for 25 minutes in front of your laptop. You can set up decoration for your outdoor and promote environment as well.

Promoting Environment and Landscaping with Trees

Planting trees on your backyards can give both beauty and satisfaction. By the way, trees can help environment too. We know that trees are habitat for many animals such as birds, insects, ant, etc. Flora and fauna need each other.

Some mammals, insects, and birds need trees in getting their foods. Trees provide not only foods but also give protection to animals for their surviving efforts when the unfriendly weather conditions come. Landscaping with trees can also be good heritage for the next generation. In many national forests and tourism destinations, particular trees show heritage related to cultures from past.

Trees keep growing, so it is better to consider their placements. We do not know the future, maybe there will be pipe lines or buildings needed so the trees will have to be removed. But we can have prediction and design where the best spot to plan the trees.

Choose the right time to plant your trees, and choose the right plants for your backyards or garden appropriate to the soil. The right season will help plants grow with good development. Planting fruit trees is very good choice.

So many benefits are available for gardeners from planting flowers and fruit trees. Gardeners can get better if they know how to cultivate the mature fruit.

Outdoor Furniture Sets for Decoration

Outdoor furniture pieces are offered on the market with a large number of designs. The diversity of the options is amazing because you will find them look different and yet are very beautiful. Outdoor furniture is our main topic today since homeowners need them at the outdoor decorating.

If people want to spend their time outside their house, it will be very convenient to use comfortable chairs or outdoor furniture. Manufacturers have understood that homeowners require sets of furniture to support their outdoor activities. Relaxing, grilling barbeque, chatting, having dinner, and enjoying the sunlight are usual activities at the outdoor.

There are a plenty of pretty and beautiful furniture to choose; however, they comprise some kinds of popular outdoor furniture. Some of them are garden furniture, patio furniture, and wicker chairs. You should check the materials of the pieces because you need chairs made from durable materials, whether you choose wooden, plastic or metal materials.

This also prevails when it comes to the cushions; you will need quality cushions with good durability because they may face hard weather changes so many times. If you want to get them for your outdoor fixtures, using the internet and search engines is the most convenient way or you can ask your neighbor to find reliable stores nearby.


Kitchen Improvement and Painting the Cabinet

Posted on May 31, 2016 in Home Furnishings

Improvements make a house becomes more and more functional and comfortable. By employing home improvement, people can add value to all home-related things. I am going to talk about kitchen improvement and painting kitchen cabinet in this article.

Kitchen Improvement

So, do you plan to do some changes in your kitchen area? We can mention some facets on the kitchen, and then we can classify them for improvement projects in the future. Homeowners can upgrade interior designs, appliances, cabinets, ventilation system, storage, counter tops, windows, and so forth. This list is just a help to make it easy in planning the steps.

Which one is your priority? Well, it is up to you. You can assess which part to improve as the first priority. Stainless steel appliances are considered as the must-have things in a kitchen. If you find that your kitchen appliances show maximum performance, you might be interested to evaluate interior aspects such as its wall color and flooring.

If you read interior magazines, you might found how kitchen cabinets could give classic or modern looks. A luxurious one can be an option. The most happening options for counter tops are granite counter tops although the prices are not cheap. Well, the options are varied; maybe I will write about them one by one in the next articles.

New Looks by Painting Kitchen Cabinet

When it comes to improvement of the room, it will not be complete if we do not talk about kitchen cabinet. If one gets into the kitchen, one can see how cabinet can represent the whole decoration. Spicing up interior area can be done in one aspect which affects the whole evaluation.

Well, it is just an idea which can be alternative when there are limitations. When someone sees a cabinet, he may notice the color of the cabinet in the first place. This is why; coloring is an essential topic in kitchen improvement projects. So, let’s talk about coloring and painting of the kitchen cabinet.

There are two choices when you are going to paint a kitchen cabinet. You can paint all surfaces or only paint the door. If you decide to paint all surface including the inside your cabinet, you have to give your extra power and effort since you should take off some parts of the cabinet.

The next thing to decide is color scheme. This is an important option especially when it comes to door’s color. Color scheme has some variables that will decide the right one for the choice. Wall’s color and your personal preference can be the variables. You can choose dark or bright for the painting.

Kitchen cabinet is important in kitchen decor, and it is a big investment. You can make it looks elegant and luxury by painting it. No wonder why remodeling kitchen cabinet could be quite expensive, yet it is exciting for some many.


Pros and Cons of Artificial Grass for Outdoor Decorating

Posted on May 10, 2016 in Outdoor Decorating

Not only for football fields or golf courses, today artificial grass has been common for home outdoor decorating. Offering a more realistic-looking option is the reason why many homeowners opt for installing this fake grass. However, artificial turf also bring others drawbacks that you can put in your mind before start to shop.

Pros of Artificial Grass

1. Low Maintenance
Imagine when you have lawn with real grass, you should spare about 2-3 hours each week for mowing, trimming and then watering it. It’s only for normal garden size, how if you have wider garden? Count how much time and effort you need to spend? If you use artificial grass instead, you won’t experience those hard works. So, artificial grass is perfect feature for homeowners who very busy with their work life or elders who physically can’t withstand with lots of works.

2. Environmental Friendly
Fake grass doesn’t need watering, unlike real-grass. So, you can minimize or reduce the water usage that commonly much wasted to water a wide lawn. Moreover, artificial grass also doesn’t need fertilizer even pesticides, so it’s saver in any way if your dogs or cats eat the grass which, of course, your pets won’t eat these synthetic grass. One more thing, you can also save money for buying petrol for driving the lawn mower every week.

3. Durability and Playability
Artificial lawn can last and still look great for years, so it offers higher playability and broader access. The problem of real-lawn is rainy season that most probably to turn the lawn into muddy fields. But, you won’t have this worry because artificial grass doesn’t bring muddy areas that carry dust and dirt in. That’s why artificial grass is mostly used in soccer fields, golf courses, etc.

Cons of Artificial Grass

1. Heat Hazard
In the warm even hottest days, your artificial lawn can be a hot killing grass to step on. It’s because the synthetic materials is absorbing the heat. According to Brigham Young University, synthetic lawn has 37-degree higher than the air temperature. So, artificial grass for outdoor decorating may not be a proper choice for areas with intense sunlight such as Southern hemisphere.

2. Expensive
For the highest quality of artificial grass that you are almost impossible to tell whether it’s real or fake is quite expensive. It requires a special skill for proper installation which also followed by more budget to hire a professional. Meanwhile, if you choose to buy the least expensive, you should know that it may have cheap and unnatural looks.

3. Health Issues
Since faux grass is made from synthetic materials, it may contain with unhealthy chemicals that can affect our health. So, you should always ensure the artificial grass that you’ll buy is free from harmful chemicals such as lead, zinc, and other toxic metals.

Instead the disadvantages with the price and unfriendly heat-absorb properties, with its low maintenance, durability, playability and environmentally friendly, artificial grass is still the best option for busy homeowners but still want their home outdoor decorating feature looks great.

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